At home with the babies!

I'm home with my niece and nephew! They're the cutest little kids in the world! (Not that I'm bias or anything)
This morning some ducks were on the front lawn, and Frannie and I fed them bread... pictures soon!
I leave for Eureka the thirteenth, and I'm nervous, but I've got some goals before I leave:
Lots of kisses for Frannie and Ollie.
Finish Taxonomy of Barnacles
Hang out with Marci and Allison and Meredith and Becky and Alex!! (Woohoo!)
Go dancing at Studio 13 with Alex!
See my Big sister and her three girls.
Let's see if I can manage it all... get off the couch... but Project Runway and Top Chef are soo enticing! (hehe)



I'm done with the school year! HOORAY!
I can't wait to see everyone in Iowa City!!


This is me. I get excited about things... really easily.

Some things I'm excited to do by the end of the semester:
Kite flying
Watching a movie on the projector
Playing lots of Euchre
Reading for fun...
I have very different plans for the summer, but I have finals to worry about now...


Maybe a bit premature...

I've decided to start a blog for the summer about my time in California for my internship. That way, I can look back, and everyone else can see what I've been up to! Maybe I should be worrying about finals right now, but I really don't want to yet!