I wrote a Letter to the Editor for my final thing for my internship... and they published it in the paper!

Here's a link:

And, here's the text, if you can't get to the link for some reason:

Support local business
Letters to the editor
Article Launched: 08/23/2008 01:16:30 AM PDT

As I cuddle with my Tabby, preparing to watch a movie, I turn on the television, but before I can switch to VCR mode, something catches my eye. I take a moment to let it sink in. There is a blatant advertisement in this program. I can't name the show, but I can certainly recognize the logo. The actress is drinking a specific cola. I feel used as a viewer, like my eyes are property. A moment turns to several as I ponder this well-placed can, and its effect on me.

Corporate advertisements bombard viewers in every way. Advertising is the most obvious way that corporate America brainwashes our minds, but what about our politicians? Corporations have more power then many realize. Corporations buy favors with political contributions, resulting in the corruption of government policy making. How can the U.S. be a true democracy when a few have more power than the majority?

Here in Humboldt we have a unique law called Measure T that prevents outside corporations from contributing to political campaigns. This law is vital to keep our politicians working for people invested in Humboldt rather than in national headquarters. I wonder what else we can do to ensure local control?

Let's take Humboldt's economic freedom and well-being into our own hands by spending our money at local, independent businesses who make decisions that strengthen our community!

For more information about Corporate Rule or Measure T, contact Democracy Unlimited at (707)269-0984 or www.DUHC.org.

Joanna DeMars



I leave Eureka Saturday morning. I definitely have mixed feelings about this. I love my internship and the people here, but I miss everyone back home in Iowa. I'll see Grinnellians on Tuesday, and I'll be home with my family Saturday evening.
Watch out Iowa, here comes Democracy Unlimited via Joanna... I'll be starting a club at Grinnell... it's going to be great!


Here's a video of where I work. It's pretty sweet!


Cooking adventures!

I can only post five pictures at a time (which is unfortunate...) so here are some pictures of food I made in Cali. Bryan and I made some really good pasta with fresh shrimp and veggies. Also, I made donuts from scratch for breakfast and then later, back in Eureka I made fresh bread and cream of zucchini soup. The last picture is the four cats eating their dinner... aren't they cute!?

This weekend I went to Reggae Rising, and it was super fun, but because my camera wasn't working, I have no pictures! (tear) I'll have to write a detailed description of it here instead (but later, because I have to go to a meeting.)