Link to see downtown Eureka.

Hey guys, here's a link to see the downtown Eureka, CA.
My host's store is on the left... across the street. (I wish you could see it from the street, it's really beautiful, but at least you can see the bay from this shot!)


I went to San Diego this weekend for my 20th birthday, and to visit Bryan. It was great! As soon as Bryan posts pictures, I'll put them up here!


The Pictures I promised...

Here are the pictures I promised my last post:

(Baseball game, Tabling, Fourth of July, and of course Lucy!)


An Update

Hey everybody!
This past week, I went all over Humboldt County tabling for my non-profit. I got pretty good at my stump speech! I have pictures, but I'll have to put them up later, I can't find my camera :) But, I have pictures from Merry's computer of Lucy on Russell's kayak. Also, I went to a Humboldt Crabs game, and I took score, with the scorecards that Auntie Susie sent me. I think I'm going to go to a lot of games this weekend when I'm in Arcata. Then on Monday, I had a birthday party! It was fun to celebrate my birthday with my new friends here. Like I said, pictures later.
Oh and I went to a Zombie wedding... it was super fun! The last picture is the blushing, bloody bride!
More later!