Cooking adventures!

I can only post five pictures at a time (which is unfortunate...) so here are some pictures of food I made in Cali. Bryan and I made some really good pasta with fresh shrimp and veggies. Also, I made donuts from scratch for breakfast and then later, back in Eureka I made fresh bread and cream of zucchini soup. The last picture is the four cats eating their dinner... aren't they cute!?

This weekend I went to Reggae Rising, and it was super fun, but because my camera wasn't working, I have no pictures! (tear) I'll have to write a detailed description of it here instead (but later, because I have to go to a meeting.)

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Allison said...

the pictures of your pasta with shrimp are so gorgeous. they almost make me want to eat it and weather an allergic reaction. i can't believe that the summer is almost over, and i'll get to see you so soon!